A long time ago I wrote down a bunch of things which was helpful mostly to me. And then, for a long time, I relegated that task to others and wrote down some things for other people to read but let other people be in charge of those other things.

Then, recently, I decided I was bored of that and wanted to really write down some things about other things and I wanted those things to be mine and not sell ads against them and not allow Russian bots to interact with them and to have them in “files” on a “server” that could be accessed via the open and free web.

So I made this thing! With the help of these jekylls. Of course it took me too long and involved shaving too many yaks but I enjoyed shaving those yaks and did so willingly and with great joy. Read about shaving yaks.

Of note, this is not the aboutness. The aboutness was a thing I also did from a long time ago that I wish I’d kept doing but now is gone. You can find things from it on the waybackmachine and maybe someday I’ll recreate some of those good old posts here.

(signed commit via gpg)