Shaving The Yak

Oct 19, 2017

Well, to be honest, sometimes I like it. It’s peaceful and if you approach it with a sort of Zen mindset, it can be quite therapeutic. And it opens up all sorts of interesting opportunities for both learning and personal growth.

For example, did you know that the Yak has over seventeen different kinds of hair? You would only know this if you’ve shaved one. If you haven’t, how would you? See what I’m saying?

Also, get this! Yaks are ticklish. True! They are one of only 2 ungulates that can be tickled. This makes for some tricky tickling if you get into their arm pits in the wrong way. And when yaks laugh, they kick. And believe you me, you don’t want to be yak kicked. Again, these are experiences you wouldn’t know about lest you had shaved one!


Last, but certainly not least, know that yaks do not like their eyebrows shaved. And I mean they do NOT like it. I mean to say that they really hate it. Yes? So should you shave that yaks eyebrows? Or no, no you shouldn’t, that’s what I’m saying. Please, if you’re going to shave the yak, do so in a manner which respects their venerable eyebrows.

So, good friend, go forth and shave that yak, have fun doing it, and while doing it, you may never know what you may learn. If you come across anything worthy of sharing, please post here!

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